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Catholic Living

Marriage and Family Ministries

Pope Francis recently traveled to South Korea for the Sixth Asian Youth Day (August 13-18, 2014). There, he spoke to young people about marriage and family life as a call from God:

"I can only stress the importance of the witness given by Christian families. At a time of great crisis for family life – as we are all aware – our Christian communities are called to support married couples and families in fulfilling their proper mission in the life of the Church and society. The family remains the basic unit of society and the first school in which children learn the human, spiritual and moral values which enable them to be a beacon of goodness, integrity and justice in our communities.”

 —   Pope Francis, Meeting with the Leaders of the Apostolate of the Laity, 16 August 2014 

Easy ButtonMarriage and Family Forum

"One Call for All" - (808) 203-6770

The Marriage and Family Forum is a diocesan collaboration of lay associations to promote, sustain, and enrich Christian marriage and the family.


Marriage and Family Ministries 

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Catholic Charities Hawaii

Strengthens individuals & families through service and advocacy addressing many community areas of need:

  • Child abuse & neglect
  • Homelessness
  • Children’s emotional & behavioral problems
  • Unplanned pregnancy
  • Adult violence & abuse
  • Difficulties encountered by immigrants and refugees
  • Difficulties adjusting to life’s challenges
  • Sustaining independent living for seniors and persons with developmental disabilities

Intake, Information and Referral: (808) 521-HELP (4357), and visit http://www.catholiccharitieshawaii.org/

Catholic Engaged Encounter (Open to engaged couples of all faiths) 

The Engaged Encounter Weekend offers couples a unique opportunity to look at their commitment to each other in a deeper way as they prepare for marriage.

Though Catholic in sponsorship, this experience is open to any engaged man and woman who wish to marry in the Church and prepare for a deeper, more meaningful life together. The Weekend is an in-depth, private, personal, marriage preparation experience within the context of Catholic faith and values.

  • Weekend away, a time for growth, life and love
  • Prepare for the sacrament of matrimony
  • Weekend of beginnings, opening doors, and planting seeds
  • Prepare for a lifetime of commitment

Contact: Donna & James Baguio at (720) 900-4633 or email hawaii.engaged.encounter@gmail.com

Engaged Encounter Technical Difficulties: Due to technical difficulties, the Engaged Encounter website is temporarily unavailable. To register for an Engaged Encounter Weekend, please click here. Print, complete and return the registration form as soon as you can. We apologize for the inconvenience. Mahalo!

Couple to Couple League for Natural Family Planning


CodasMission: To build joyful marriages by teaching Natural Family Planning.

The only form of family planning that respects God’s plan for love, marriage, and sexuality.

Proven 99% effective in postponing pregnancy but highly successful for low fertility couples in achieving pregnancy.

Medically safe, 100% natural and healthy.

Inspires deeper romance, respect and love by transforming secular love into sacred intimacy.

Contact: Ed and Betty Coda at (808) 839-0837 or Email Ed & Betty and visit www.ccli.org.

Couples for Christ (CFC)

CFC Logo

Mission: Families in the Holy Spirit renewing the face of the earth. Called to rise in defense of the family, to do God’s work, to bring families back to the plan of God, to bring the Lord’s strength and light to those who are  struggling, to be truly Christian families in the modern world.

CFC carries out this mission of renewal throughout the world and works for Christian family renewal at various levels:

  • The Individual
  • The Family
  • The Larger Community

CFC focuses on its family ministries:

  • Kids for Christ

    Kids for Christ1
  • CFC-Youth for Christ

    CFC Youth
  • Singles for Christ  

    Singles for Christ
  • Handmaids of the Lord

  • Servants of the Lord

    Servants of the Lord

Contact: Rico or Vinya Manianglung at (808) 382-5059, (808) 386-3412, or Email Rico & Vinya, and visit www.couplesforchristusa.org

Hawaii Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services (HCCRS)

Providing intercessory prayer for families who are brokenhearted and crushed in spirit (PS 34:18)

Providing resources and educational opportunities for families to lead transformed lives through Life in the Spirit Seminars.

Drawing hurting family members to the love of the Father through praise, worship, and witnessing to the saving Grace of His son, Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Contact: Email Dominic Olaso and visit www.hccrs.net.

For prayers: hccrsprayerwarriors@gmail.com

Hawaii Catholic Homeschoolers

Live the liturgical year celebrating feast days and saints at Mass and in the home. Nurture and inspire a hunger for the Sacraments, desire for worship, predilection for ministry. Educate to hope, wonder, recognition of the gifts through ongoing catechesis or faith formation.

2014-2015 School-Year includes:

  • Monastery Retreat Days - 2nd Thursday or Tuesday of each month.
  • Annual Camping Trip to Bellows Field Beach Park
  • Mass and Beach Day on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month.
  • June Graduation Mass and Dance
  • Mom's Night Out, monthly
  • Educational Tours
  • Meal Train (for anyone in need or having a baby).

Contact: Maile Domingo at (808) 222-0644 or Email Maile and visit http://hawaiicatholichomeschoolers.weebly.com/

Marianist Family Retreats

The purpose of the Marianist Family Retreat Program is to strengthen families by providing:

  • opportunities for growth
  • experience of community, and
  • an affirmation of their essential holiness

By helping families to recognize their gifts and embrace their differences, we invite them to see God in each other and in the larger community.

Contact: Brother Dennis Schmitz at (808) 735-4801 or Email Bro. Dennis.

Theology of the Body (TOB)
Living in Love

A Mission to Love... Couples who stay successfully and happily married have made marriage their mission. Living in Love Experience is a parish based experience for married couples who want to incorporate TOB into their daily lives.

Invites us to true intimacy with God. Heals the world’s distorted view of sexuality, humanity and spirituality. Practical life skills for living out vows: free, total, faithful, and fruitful.

Contact: Ed and Betty Coda at (808) 839-0837 or Email Ed & Betty and visit www.livinginlove.org.

Worldwide Marriage Encounters

WWME LogoMission: To proclaim the value of Marriage and Holy Orders in the Church and in the world.

Marriage Encounter Weekend is designed for couples in good marriages who desire to communicate more intimately, deepen and enrich their relationship.

Ongoing community support and enrichment occurs in monthly Community meetings on all islands.

Offering one day Parish based enrichments in support of marriage and God’s desire for marriage

Contact:  Oahu contact Jose and Mary Elizabeth Alvior at (808) 391-2045; Maui contact Lee and Tanya Barbero at (808) 268-1578 or use our website  www.hawaiiwwme.org

WWME Teams

Hawaii's WWME Teams: (Seated L to R) Dave and Sue Shanahan, Tanya Barbero, Nevis and Andy DeLaveaga, John and Momi Cleghorn, and Jane and Mike Maloney. (Standing L to R) Lee Barbero, Anita and Clayton Fernandez, Mary Elizabeth and Jose Alvior, Donna and Fred Ventura, Claudine and Brian Perry.