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Community College Leadership Training Opportunities

ATTENTION PARISHES! The Human Resources Department for the Diocese of Honolulu has secured several leadership development opportunities through the local community college system. As you minister to our various leaders, please keep in mind these courses that you can suggest to them to improve their skills in leadership and other areas. Learning opportunities for:

Leeward Community College

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BUS5508 Conflict Resolution: Dealing with Difficult People

This workshop concentrates on the pre-interview preparation; developing questions and their value; the interview techniques that get specific, behavior based examples of past performance; and the strategies that follow through on this process. This workshop takes the behavioral interview even further with a discussion of communication techniques and the use of other types of interview questions.

May 21  8:30am-4:30pm (Thursday)

BUS5606 Problem Solving and Decision Making

As an individual, facts and knowledge can only go so far. Solving tough problems requires the ability to define the true problem, analyze the possible causes, create options, select the most feasible option, and then implement it. This one-day workshop should help individuals enhance their efforts to find sustainable solutions and learn new ways to approach problem-solving to reach win-win decisions.

May 7  8:30am-4:30pm (Thursday)


Kapiolani Community College

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BUS3014 Handling Conflict: An All-Year Round Resolution

This course deals with conflict negotiation. Almost by definition, if there are two or more people communicating, there is potential for conflict. The issue is not whether you will have conflict or not, it is about how you deal with it. The topics covered will include the levels and stages of conflict, conflict management skills and negotiation strategy.

March 20  9:00am-12:00pm each day (Friday)

BUS3013 Listening: The Forgotten Skill

This course considers the art and science of listening. Greek philosopher Epictetus is credited with saying, "we have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak." The topics covered will include the importance of listening, the process of listening, different types of listening and how to improve listening.

March 13  9:00am-12:00pm (Friday)


Maui Community College

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BUS6389 Customer Service for Success

Learn the role communication plays as we discuss verbal, written and listening skills. In addition we will practice a 5-step method for handling difficult customers using the island culture of aloha. In the end, the participant will be able to recognize the importance of verbal communication, demonstrative active listening techniques, understand why a customer complaint is good for business, and the practice resolving complaints.

March 24 & 31  9:00am-1:00pm each day (Tue/Thu)

BUS6369 Managers in Training: Bringing out the Best in Your Employees

As a manager, there are basic communication skills you want to strengthen, particularly giving feedback to employees. In this workshop, you will gain insights and tools to communicate more effectively as you discover what brings out the best in you is the same for your workers. Guided by Daniel Goleman's 5 competencies of Emotional Intelligence, the class will work through challenging practice problems, and help you become the best manager you can be.

April 16 & 17  9:00am012:00pm each day (Thu/Fri)

BUS6387 Office Management Skills

Elevate yourself to be a more effective and more successful Office Manager. This experiential workshop covers all the essential skills disciplines: project management, computer filing, business writing, workstation organization, negotiation skills, and much more. Demonstrated techniques will be used and explained to help keep you from feeling overworked or overwhelmed, and better able to balance work and home life. This class gives you tools, techniques, and strategies to confidently complete your work as you utilize the Three Office Rules of Success.

#1 March 21  9:00am-4:00pm (Saturday)

#2 May 30  9:00am-4:00pm (Saturday)

Register for classes HERE.

Kauai Community College

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Conflict Resolution

This course is great for anyone supervising or managing people. Students will examine the nature of conflict, and gain an understanding of the alternatives for settlement. Students will be able to practice using real work situations and will leave class with a toolbox of communication tips. Back at work, students will be better able to assess conflict and determine the best resolution whether it is concession, negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

April 14 & 16  1:00pm-4:00pm each day (Tue/Thu)

Behavioral Interviewing

Does past performance predict future success? Behavioral interviewing is based ont he premise that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in a similar situation. Employee turnover is a costly fact of doing business. Turnover expenses can be avoided or reduced significantly by selecting the right candidate for the job in the first place. Learn the interviewing technique that many of the world's top companies rely on to select the best person for the job. Improve interviewing skills and enhance your ability to make better hiring decisions.

#1  March 23  8:00am-11:00am (Monday)

#2  April 27  8:00am-11:00am (Monday)

#3  May 20  8:00am-11:00am (Wednesday)

Dealing with Difficult People

We all end up needing to deal with difficult people at some time in our work life. In this 3 hour workshop you will learn to define divvicult people, communicate in a positive way, actively listen, and show empathy. You will get useful tips and tools that you can put into practice right away.

#1  March 18  1:00pm-4:00pm  (Wednesday)

#2  April 20  8:00am-11:00am  (Monday)

#3  May 13  8:00am-11:00am  (Wednesday)

Parish staff, Diocesan staff, and Parish Council volunteers can also take advantage of these courses.