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Diocesan Offices

Office of the Vicar General

Fr. Gary Secor, as Vicar General, serves at the pleasure of the Bishop as his vicar in all things specific to the general care and administration of the diocese. As the Moderator of the Curia, he coordinates the diocesan staff in the provision of services, information and guidance to the clergy and faithful of the Diocese of Honolulu. While his role as Rector for the Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace is equivalent to that of a pastor, the true pastor of a cathedral, which houses the seat of authority of the diocesan bishop, is the bishop himself.  Fr. Secor also assists the Bishop in the conferral of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

In addition, this office processes requests for papal blessings, guest speakers, and postings for the diocesan website and eNewsLetter.


Very Reverend Gary L. Secor, Vicar General/Moderator of the Curia and Rector, Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Peace
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Elina Simon, Executive Assistant
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Chancery, 1184 Bishop Street
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Phone: 808.585.3300
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Formal Request for Papal Blessing (pdf) and Sample Letter of Recommendation (pdf)

Speaker Guidelines (pdf) and Speaker Approval Form (pdf)


Biographical Data for Fr. Gary Secor (pdf)