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Star Light, Star Bright Christmas Program

Annual Christmas Program Reuniting Incarcerated Women with Their Children



Star Light, Star Bright was established with the hope that the simple act of giving would help in the process of mending damaged or strained relationships between incarcerated mothers, their minor children and their children’s caregivers.

Star Light, Star Bright has touched the lives of nearly 2,800 Hawaii children since it was established in December 2000. In 2010, the party made its first début at the Women’s Community Correctional Center. It was such a
colossal success that the warden decided to continue the program in the facility. In 2012, a long term dream became a reality. Neighbor Island children and their caregivers were flown to O’ahu to attend the Star Light, Star Bright Christmas party.

This year, the Christmas party is on Saturday, December 12, and there is much to be done!

Star Light, Star Bright has no funding. Each year the program relies on its many benefactors. Success happens because of their generosity, prayers, love and compassion for the families who struggle with incarceration day in and day out, especially the children.

For more information contact Walter Yoshimitsu at (808) 203-6735, wyoshimitsu@rcchawaii.org; or Paulette Vernay at (808) 203-6722, pvernay@rcchawaii.org.

To donate online to the Star Light, Star Bright program, click here.


The Lord is faithful in serving the needs of the children and families touched by Star Light, Star Bright!