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Parish Resources

Welcome to our Parish Resources for stewardship committees.  We invite you to go directly to the left column and take advantage of various "tools" that you can use for Getting Started, Communicating Stewardship and Engaging your Parishioners.  Another great resource to enhance parish stewardship is the monthly Catholic Stewardship e-Bulletin. For current and previous editions, click here. For more valuable resources or information on the International Catholic Stewardship Council (ICSC), visit their website at: www.catholicstewardship.com.

2015 Diocesan Stewardship Report

The Diocese of Honolulu has released an expanded “Diocesan Stewardship Report” to be published in the Jan. 1, 2016, Hawaii Catholic Herald. This 12-page report includes annual financial figures from the diocesan Finance Office and the Office of Stewardship and Development, plus a whole lot more — stories of how diocesan ministries serve the people of our islands.

Bishop’s Audio Message

To introduce the Stewardship Report, Bishop Larry Silva has recorded a short 2-minute audio message to be played at Masses over the Jan. 2-3 weekend. The bishop’s office will email you the audio file on Dec. 28, with instructions on how to play it. (It can be done as simply as putting your smart phone up to the ambo microphone.) Click here to listen.

Extra Hawaii Catholic Herald copies

The report will be in the Hawaii Catholic Herald, which most of your parishioners receive at home. In addition, The Herald will mail extra copies to each parish. The report will also be posted at www.catholichawaii.org and www.hawaiicatholicherald.com  (after January 1, 2016)

Click on the image to download the full report.
Click HERE for a one-page synopsis.